Bitcoin Venture Era

The Bitcoin ecosystem will develop its venture capital. And it will be as activist for libertarian causes as Silicon Valley’s capital is for progressive ones.

Today there are few venture bets being made by Bitcoiners despite the large amounts of capital they control. Most believe that successful investments would still underperform BTC; HODLing has a better ROI. This is bound to change as the market cap keeps growing.

Past the inflection point HODLing is no longer the best way to accumulate BTC.
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Attention as a Source of Scarcity for Decentralized Identity Systems

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This paper proposes a new approach to introducing scarcity into identity systems without sacrificing privacy and self-sovereignty.

The method relies on quantifying attention flows between identities. It is predicated on the fact that attention is a basic element of all cognitive processes. It is also limited and therefore is a natural source of scarcity.

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Explanation of the HODL meme phenomenon may lie in the military history.

Recently Brian Fabian Crane’s tweet caught my attention. He tweeted a screenshot of a Reddit comment by a user named Gnudarve.

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Netflix should not be thought of as a streaming business. Streaming is not the business model, it’s the source of data.

Hollywood is similar to Silicon Valley. It’s an entrepreneurial ecosystem with an equivalent of venture capital — studios.

VCs have tried using data to improve their investment decisions. They had moderate success. The problem is that it’s difficult to collect comparable data sets for startups.

Netflix has it all for content.

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